Do you sell dessert products directly to members of the public in Ireland?
Sorry, we sell only to trade customers in Ireland, at present

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of dessert products?
We are both; we manufacture and distribute Émile and Magnolia, our own ranges of bakery and dessert products.

What are the advantages of using your products?
Well, you can purchase a pastry chef-standard dessert at a reasonable price, conveniently delivered frozen to you. Let your clientele believe that your have an in-house pastry chef! Furthermore, we do not use commercial mixes, so our products are not only superior in terms of taste, but are also free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Are your dessert products delivered fresh, or ‘thaw and serve’?
As our dessert products were created with the Irish food service client in mind, our entire range of bakery and dessert products are delivered frozen, as thaw and serve products. All of our dessert products, with the exception of our Éclairs and products with a meringue base, such as Roulades, Merveilleux and our famous Succès gâteau, have a shelf-life of five days from thaw, provided that our storage advise and conditions of use for the particular product is followed. Éclairs and meringue products have a three days shelf life from thaw.

Does the fact that your products are ‘thaw and serve’ compromise the taste and quality of the product?
Simply put, no, in our opinion. We have perfected our methods and processes of production to ensure that the quality of our frozen dessert products delivered to our customers is equal to that of our fresh products, prior to freezing. We recommend strictly following our ‘storage advise and conditions of use’ for each product to ensure optimum quality for your customer.

How do you recommend defrosting a cake or dessert product?
This information is contained in the ‘storage advise and conditions of use’ section under product details.

How do you recommend storing a cake or dessert product?
This information is contained in the ‘storage advise and conditions of use’ section under product details.

Do you use preservative to extend the shelf life on your bakery and dessert products?
No, we do not use preservatives.

What do your consultancy services consist of?
Whether your business is a café, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or other food service outlet in Ireland, we offer a consultancy service to customers which includes, dessert menu planning, advises on presentation of desserts and efficient stock management.

Do you offer a bespoke dessert service?
Yes, we can manufacture bespoke desserts for customers in Ireland

Where do you deliver your dessert products in Ireland?
We deliver, using our own logistics system, directly to cafés, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and other food service outlets to all parts of Ireland, apart from Kerry, Sligo, Donegal and Mayo at present. * subject to change

Do you sell your products to distributors in Ireland?
No, as a manufacturer, we sell directly to food service customers in Ireland, whether your are a café, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, bar or other food service outlet.

Why do you not sell your products to distributors in Ireland?
Our bakery and dessert products are made exclusively by pastry chefs. We are in a position to offer a high-end range of dessert products at a reasonable cost, by cutting our distributor margins.

Do you offer delivery free of charge?
Yes, delivery is free to all order over €100.

How can I place an order with you?
By telephone, email, fax or by using our online ordering system.

Are your dessert products suitable for vegetarians?
Most of the products from our Émile and Magnolia dessert ranges are suitable for vegetarians, apart from cheesecakes, and dessert products which have mousse fillings. If you have any queries about any of our dessert products in this regard, please contact us.

Are your dessert products suitable for vegans?
No, not at present. However, this is something in the pipeline.

Do you offer products suitable for coeliacs?
Whilst some of our products such as Macarons, Roulades, Merveilleux, or our famous Succès gȃteau do not contain gluten, as our dessert products are not made in a gluten-free environment, they may well be cross-contaminated, rendering them unstable for coeliacs. Please do not state that any products from our range of dessert or bakery products is a ‘gluten-free’ product suitable for coeliacs, due to the possibly of cross-contamination. We are distributors for the Byron Bay range of gluten free cookies. We will also be launching our own brand of gluten free cookies shortly.

Where can I find information on allergens?
All relevant allergen information is included in the ‘Advisory’ section under each product on our website.