Established by Kevin Brennan in 2003, Pacific Foods is a  Carlow-based, family business which began life as an importer and distributor of luxury foodservice products.

Noticing the prevalence of dessert products in the food service sector, made using artificial commercial mixes, containing ingredients such as egg powder, artificial flavourings and preservatives, and being passionate about his vision of providing a range of  clean, healthier, high-quality dessert and patisserie products made with quality, real ingredients and free from such mixes, Kevin, with the help of his wife, a lawyer turned  pastry chef, turned his focus to manufacturing the company’s own ranges of dessert products in 2014. Using natural, quality ingredients, locally sourced in Ireland as much as practicable, and Callebaut chocolate products from Belgium, Pacific Foods now offers an extensive range of hand-made, healthier dessert products at a competitive price to the foodservice industry, conveniently delivered frozen by its own logistics network.

With its focus on investing in  pastry-chefs who have the requisite skill to product quality, natural desserts, instead of in machinery and commercial mixes, the company hopes to offer an alternative, healthier choice to the foodservice industry in Ireland.

The company also offers a bespoke products service to its customers in Ireland and, furthermore, a free consultancy service with regard to dessert menu planning, presentation and dessert display design.

Magnolia is the company’s own range of American-style cakes, cheesecakes, pies, muffins, tray bake and tray cake products. The quality of the product range reflects  its origins; made using artisan craft bakery skills and quality, natural ingredients, locally sourced in Ireland as much as possible, all products are made using scratch recipes, and free from commercial mixes.

Émile Pȃtissier, the company’s own range of pastry-chef, French pâtisserie desserts. Under the guidance of our Belgian head pastry-chef, the team of experienced pastry chefs produce a broad range of dessert products, ranging from banqueting  and individual desserts, assiettes and petit fours, to house specialities such as the Parisian on-trend pâtisserie product of the moment, the contemporary Éclair, handmade marshmallows and, of course, Macarons. All products are made using scratch French recipes, and fillings range from French buttercream, Swiss buttercream, Italian meringue, Bavarian cream, pastry cream, French mousses, crème lègere to handmade fruit Coulis and Parfait, A bespoke service is also available to customers in Ireland.